The Next Big Thing in The Kitchen Accessories World

LidSitter is Here to Help

The LidSitter is here to help organize your kitchen space. It gets pot lids out of the way by allowing you to place lids securely on pot rims when not in use and quickly and easily place them back on the pots when the lids are needed. The LidSitter is multifunctional and can be adapted for a range of cooking devices.

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Less Mess

Condensation from lid is drained back into cooking pot. therefore, no more dripping messes!


Everything In Reach

Never have you had such easy access to all of your cooking supplies.


No More Burns

Don’t worry about setting down utensils on hot surfaces, keep everything on the LidSitter.


Take It Anywhere

Stores away easily so you can take it along with you for any cooking needs.

Design is the paradise

of individuality, eccentricity,

and lids.

The LidSitter consists of a wire-form and a nylon handle. One end of the wire-form design engages with the pot lid handle while the other snuggly attaches to the cooking pot’s rim. The LidSitter’s unique shape is fabricated from spring-steel that provides a secure attachment combined with flexible mobility.

Who is behind this amazing invention?

My name is Khanh Bui, and by day I’m an Assay Development Scientist working at a biotech company in the San Francisco Bay Area. In my free time I’m an inventor, creating solutions to everyday problems.

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There are 1.5 billion families worldwide with hot pots and lids to coordinate. That’s a lot of lids and pots that people are juggling every day! We’ve estimated that 3 to 6 billion lids could find homes in LidSitters. Please join me in making this dream a reality and together we can make everyone’s cooking experience a little easier and more enjoyable.