The Top 6 Reasons Why You Want This in Your Kitchen

By February 15, 2016Food for thought

We all have our favorite handy kitchen tool that we reach for again and again

—that paring knife that seems to cut everything, the 10-year-old cast iron skillet that lives on top of your stove, the cherry pitter that everyone makes fun of you for, but you still use it religiously when that fruit is in season.

We are introducing to you a new kitchen utensil that you will fall in love with immediately and wonder how you ever survived without it! Its unique shape makes it so that you can hold your lid and cooking spoon all in one place, over the pot.

COOK HAPPY! Your kitchen should be a place of zen, not chaos. When cooking you want all open access, and having large and multiples items can take up way too much precious counter and cabinet space. The LidSitter’s small size and mulit-use function makes it easy for you to keep your counter space clear and also make less of mess. Also, every cook knows that burns are not only painful, and hard to avoid. Cook with ease using the LidSitter’s sturdy handle that keeps a tight grasp on everything without you having to touch the hot lids or spoons.

LidSitter has all the “must-haves” from your list!

Keep Pot Lids within Reach. LidSitter allows lids to sit on the rim of any cooking pot. Once placed on the rim, the LidSitter has the ability to slide to the left or right with a small push.

Reduce Accidental Burning. Never touch a hot lid or lid handles anymore and keep lids off hot surfaces. LidSitter’s unique handle provides a safe and heat resistant surface safe enough to touch.

No More Dripping Messes. Whether the lid is sitting on the rim, or closed for cooking, the condensation gathered on the lid will drain back into cooking pot, conserving liquids and avoiding drippy messes.

Take it Anywhere. When cooking outdoors, never worry about lids on the ground or on dirty surfaces. Keep lids and cooking utensils clean when preparing a camp stew or serving a dish outdoors.

Fits Majority of Lids. LidSitter’s unique design fits 95% of all pot lid styles that are available at QVC, Walmart or Target. Whether you have knob or wire-form handles, you can be ensured that the LidSitter will fit snug and secure.

Easy to Wash and Store Away. All materials are dish washer friendly, making cleanup a breeze. The LidSitter can be hung on the wall for easy storage when not in use.


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